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Writing Your Best Shop Report

As a mystery shopper, your job is extremely important. The reports you write should be a factual account of your visit and include relevant and accurate information. The reports that you submit to the MSP company you are working are used by the end client for a variety of reasons, including employee bonuses, employee training, and even employee termination.

Be Prepared!

  • Read the entire report before going on your shop. Know what will be expected of you, what questions you will have to answer, and what scenario(s) you will have to follow.
  • If you have any questions and need clarification on what is being asked in the form, reach out to your scheduler.

Preforming the Shop

  • As you have prepared yourself and know what will be expected of you, you should know specifically what you are on the look out for. Take notes in your phone or send yourself a quick text message in short hand that you understand!

Example: Server: Jennifer/F/5’8”/brn hair/30’s

Example:  Ordered food 5:30/delivered at 5:50

  • Take any required photos using the camera on your smartphone; don’t take them in the app. Photos

 Writing the Report

  • Write using proper grammar and spelling. Most MSP software programs have spell check built in, but you should also download a program like Grammarly to assist you in ensuring your report in proper tense and using proper subject verb agreement.
  • Always write in the past tense; you are writing about a visit that just happened.
  • When describing employees, don’t use inappropriate adjectives. These reports are most often given directly to the employee you observed; stick to the basics. Gender, Hair Color, Height and Age are all appropriate ways to describe someone.
  • Ensure that the comments you write, match the scores you are giving! Clarity is extremely important.
  • Properly communicate negative feedback. Candid feedback is important, but relaying it in an appropriate manner is key.


WRONG:  The food was disgusting.

RIGHT: The food was dry and overcooked.

  • Provide objective, not subjective feedback. Clients are looking for facts, not your feelings.
  • Ensure you are hitting the deadline provided by the MSP. Most companies require your report within 24 hours; this is because they have a deadline to their clients. Clients want this information in real time, especially if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Writing a quality shop report is quite an easy process, if you are prepared and follow these basic guidelines and tips. Always keep in mind where your report is going, and the impact that it may have. It’s important feedback and data that our clients use and the way that you detail and account for your visit needs to always be 100% exact and accurate.