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The Customer Touchpoint You Are Likely Not Monitoring

The Customer Touchpoint You Are Likely Not Monitoring

When thinking about how to structure your mystery shopping program for maximum benefit, it is important to consider all of the ways that customers interact with your brand and your staff. We find that one of the most overlooked and underestimated touchpoints is the phone call experience. No matter what industry you’re in or what product/service you provide, you likely have a phone number (or multiple) that customers or potential customers can use to reach out to you to get their questions answered.

Phone shops are critical to ensure you are monitoring and measuring the complete customer experience. We strongly encourage adding phone shops to your program for a number of other reasons. Here are a few:

Low cost

Since there is no travel component to a phone shop, we are able to keep our shopper reimbursement amount in the $5-$10 range, which typically results in a total per shop cost of $40-$60 (depending on length of template, length/complexity of call, etc.)

Easy to set up and customize

One other important difference between in-person shops and phone shops is that it is much easier for shoppers to follow a script and keep detailed notes while they are carrying out a phone call. Because of this, we can establish 4-5 key questions to make sure that the shopper asks so that they can report back on how those questions were answered. Whether these scenarios are standard/typical or ‘curveballs’ for your staff, you can quickly and easily determine if these conversations are being carried out as expected or if there may be a training opportunity.

Easy to execute

One question we often hear in the sales process is how quickly we are able to get a program up and running. With in-person shops, the pool of shoppers for us to draw from is confined to the local area so it can typically take a few weeks to build awareness and gain traction. For phone shops, the shopper pool becomes much larger, allowing us to find willing and qualified participants very quickly.

Audio recording option

Another big advantage for phone shops is the ability to record them so that you can listen in yourself afterward. These recordings are attached right to the related report that comes through, so you can easily locate, compare and share them as you’d like. This feature is optional and can be included for just $5 per shop.

Don’t overlook the importance of measuring every customer touchpoint – Any interaction can be make or break for your brand. By mixing in some phone shops to your mystery shopping schedule, you can get out in front of issues before they become real problems.