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Have You Invested Enough For Customer Experience in 2019?

Have You Invested Enough For Customer Experience in 2019?

Various sources have stated that customer experience is a top objective for companies. However according to our recent Customer Experience Survey, there seems to be a disconnect between prioritizing customer experience improvements and budget priorities. Most clients plan to keep their budget the same for customer… Continue reading

Customer Experience Management Survey – The Results

Customer Experience Management Survey – The Results

The results are in – and some things we expected, and some….well, you should check it out for yourself. Our annual client survey reveals not only how we are doing in the eyes of our clients, but also sheds light on trends and findings in customer… Continue reading

Case Studies

Emagine Entertainment’s Exemplary Guest Experience

Some say cinema is dying in the light of new options for consumers to watch a movie. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video and the likes are all new competitors in the market – and many movie theaters didn’t see it coming. Consumers find value in streaming services… Continue reading

How American Gonzo Food Corp Enhanced Consistency Through Mystery Shopping + Audits

With four different concepts and ten locations, American Gonzo Food Corp (AGFC) needed a way to monitor its execution standards to ensure their customers had great experiences across the board.  To do this, they looked not only externally but internally as well, creating a program that… Continue reading