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4 Tips to Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

4 Tips to Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

Being a mystery shopper is fun and a great way to make some extra cash.  However as much as we do as an industry to thwart criminals from taking advantage of shoppers, scams have been stealing money from unsuspecting victims for years. We have posted about this before, but we want to be sure… Continue reading

Case Studies

Q&A with Komiel Mohsen, COO of Nick the Greek

Quick background on NTG: Nick the Greek started when the 3 Nicks (Big, Little, and Baby) realized that there was no traditional Greek Street food in the states. They traveled to Greece every year, and when they came back, there was nothing at home to fulfill… Continue reading

Emagine Entertainment’s Exemplary Guest Experience

Some say cinema is dying in the light of new options for consumers to watch a movie. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video and the likes are all new competitors in the market – and many movie theaters didn’t see it coming. Consumers find value in streaming services… Continue reading