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Find your wow in the entertainment industry

In the entertainment industry, customers are looking to be wowed. Driving customers through the door and delivering an exceptional experience are essential to keep them coming back.

We can help measure and monitor this critical experience whether you own movie theaters, concert or event halls, sports complexes—from golf ranges to bowling alleys, or any other entertainment venue. Customers demand a positive experience and want to be entertained. How well you deliver reflects directly on your brand and your bottom line. Let our mystery shopping program help you find your wow.

What can 360 Intel do for you?

Strengthen the customer experience

  • Gain a 360-view of the customer experience through your customer’s eyes to help optimize your operation
  • Understand what is driving their experience both positive and areas to improve
  • Understand how your venue looks and functions operationally

Drive growth

  • Understand and monitor the critical drivers for profitable success
  • Identify which locations are exceling and which locations need help
  • Evaluate concession stand and on-site food and beverage performance and understand how to increase sales

Help your employees excel at customer service

  • Understand what drives brand loyalty so employees know what to focus on
  • Guide staff with what works and what doesn’t
  • Increase staff accountability
  • Ensure that each location is consistently delivering your brand promise

Entertainment Clients

Case Studies

Emagine Entertainment’s Exemplary Guest Experience

Some say cinema is dying in the light of new options for consumers to watch a movie. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video and the likes are all new competitors in the market – and many movie theaters didn’t see it coming. Consumers find value in streaming services…

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“An average of 5.5 million guests see movies annually at our Celebration! Cinema locations. Through the 360 Intel Mystery Shopper program, we get a snapshot of how and what we provide our customers at all of our locations. This provides vital, critical information so we can grow strategically and make informed decisions and changes.”

–VP Operations, Celebration Cinemas

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