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Welcome to 360 Intel [DRAFT]

Client Onboarding Guide

Mystery ShoppingWelcome to the 360 Intel family! We are thrilled you selected us as your partner in measuring and monitoring your customers’ experience with your brand.

To facilitate getting your program up and running as quickly as possible, please review the onboarding process below and ensure your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) has all the info needed to complete your setup.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your CRM or the Client Help Desk at


Primary Contact & Purpose

Let us know who your day-to-day contact will be, and your specific goals and objectives for this program. This will help your CRM monitor your program and guide you to see maximum success.

Determine Schedule and Frequency

Provide your CRM with the desired schedule and frequency of your shops. Remember, you can always adjust after the program begins. Here are some tips for designing an effective schedule:

  • Ensure you shop each location to measure consistency between them.
  • The higher the frequency of shops, the more accurate the data and trending information will be.

Survey Template

Review the sample template provided that is typical for similar business concepts. Provide any adjustments needed to your CRM.

User Hierarchy

List of users to have access to reports, and any hierarchy for reporting. Use the template below to submit your users and hierarchy to your CRM.



Provide us the list of locations with addresses that will be included in the program. Use the template below and send it to your CRM.


Other Considerations

To ensure you see the most from your program investment, be sure you consider these other best practices for success:

  • Setup a bonus or reward program for staff. Positive reinforcement for great shop scores is far more effective than using the data in a “gotcha” or spying program.
  • Integrate findings from report data into your training programs. Trend data helps you identify things that need to be addressed for both new hires and current staff.
  • Implement automated workflows with your team to assign action items based on report results.

Thank you again for selecting 360 Intel as your partner. Be sure to sign up below to receive news, updates, and tips directly in your inbox!