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Passionate about exceptional customer experiences

We are a team of energetic professionals deeply committed to our clients, our people, and the customer experience. Passionate about building brands, we believe in a people-first approach, and will work hard to help you deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our work is exemplified by the trusted relationships we develop, and we take great pride in our highly responsive service and stellar results.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations so you can exceed your customer’s expectations.


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional mystery shopping programs and services that produce results for our clients, our shoppers, our company and our community.

We do this with our unparalleled mystery shopping programs and services that provide a 360-view of the customer experience with objective and actionable research, and our fervent desire to exceed your expectations. We aspire to earn trust—with our clients, our employees and our shoppers.


To help companies pivot to amazing customer experiences—every customer, every location, every time.

Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars represent the heart and hustle of 360 Intel and provide a strong foundation for our brand.


At 360 Intel, we are data-based and intellectually honest, fair and objective in our research and in our business practices. We provide valid, credible and robust data and work hard to cultivate open, genuine and trusted partnerships with our clients, employees and our shopper network.


We are real time data driven and strategic in our approach. We deliver thoughtful, focused recommendations and actionable solutions to help our clients grow their business with aligned and informed decisions. We have been in our client’s shoes and understand what it takes to be competitive in this field. With a people-first approach, we work one-on-one with our clients to fully understand their needs and develop programs and solutions that help them stand out and flourish in the marketplace.


We want to inspire our clients to grow their brand by helping them to deliver the best in customer/guest experience and service. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of camaraderie, innovation and commitment that excites and inspires excellence for our clients, employees, colleagues and shopper network. We want to inspire by our actions what it takes for exemplary customer experience and service.