The Nation’s Best Mystery Shopping Company

Owners and managers wanting to take a closer look at how their teams approach daily interactions with their customers, implement cleaning procedures, and present themselves as an extension of the brand face an uphill battle.

If your employees know you will be around and watching their every move, they’ll be on their best behavior, but as soon as you go back to business as usual, potential bad habits can return. Finding a legitimate secret shopping service can help you get a better understanding of your team’s daily routine.

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360 Intel finds itself among the top mystery shopping companies in the industry. We use a customized, tailored research approach that focuses on what is essential to your brand and your customers to provide a 360° view. The “Mystery Shopping” program is at the very core that allows us to fully explore and understand your customer experience. Our unique strategy and approach to secret shopping make 360 Intel the best mystery shopping company you can find.

Our Mystery Shopping Program is the heart and soul of our business. Some of the benefits of our program include:

  • Fully customizable
  • Fast turnaround time
  • High-quality, detailed reports
  • 1,000,000+ mystery shopper network
  • Robust, user-friendly reporting platform
  • Transparent pricing with no setup fee
  • Flexible agreements

Our Services

Our secret shopping company knows what it takes to deliver brand promises. With over 15 years of experience measuring customer interactions across many industries, we are driven to help you build your brand. Through our mystery shopper network, we have access to a full team of capable mystery shoppers that know what to look for when it comes to how a store, restaurant, entertainment facility, or other retail space should be run.

Our status as the best mystery shopping company available has been cultivated through our dedication to providing our customers with detailed information and evaluations of the total customer experience. We focus on seeing your employees interact with customers, how the store looks, how the customer service flows, and all of the little details that help customers feel a sense of brand loyalty. Our mystery shopper group passes this information onto you and your management team to better understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Industries We Serve

When you pick 360 Intel, you get more than the best mystery shopping company on the market. While other mystery shopping companies focus on one particular industry, we have experience across multiple industries. We have a proven track record of helping these businesses identify the areas where they can improve.

We’ve earned our status as the best mystery shopping company by providing our approach and intel to a wide range of businesses across different industries, including:

360 Intel represents the best mystery shopping company in the country. We help our clients identify the parts of their business that are strengths and use a renewed focus to further strengthen them. Our dedicated mystery shopper groups can provide critical insight into your operations and how your team interacts with your customers. Contact our team to learn more about our legitimate secret shopping service and schedule a visit from our mystery shoppers today!